Amula and Covid-19: FREE Shipping, 40%off + New DNA sample collection options. See FAQ for more details.


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Amula + NYC + Covid UPDATE: September 10th 2020

Hi ~ We hope that this update finds you well wherever you may be in the world, as we move in to Covid Month #7 ( * the 'Pause' in NYC started March 22nd).

Now that some time has passed, and everyone involved in Amula has adapted to this new situation personally and professionally, we're finally in a place where we can plan for the rest of 2020 and put some things in motion for 2021. We strive to remain flexible and open to the constant ebb and flow of change during this time as we find new ways to live fully, engage with the world and each other. We thank-you for your support, understanding and patience during this time, and truly hope that this message finds you well.
Sadly, it was recently confirmed that our plans for the near future will not include being able process DNA for Amula at the Genspace labs, due to new operations guidelines required by the city of the type of facility they run. But, we are excited and so glad to be supported by the Genspace and the broader concerned bio citizen community in establishing and exploring new labs, so that we can continue our research and projects.

Not being able to do our lab work at Genspace, means that release of Amula's new collection and website will be postponed, and that we will not be able to process DNA until mid-November.

While we hope it won't be this long, we're not able to commit to a release date at this time. We feel that it's important that we find and settle in to a new lab-home before we're able to reconnect in a meaningful way. We are SO excited for the new collection, DNA kits, website  and - giftboxes!

If there is any way we can assist in making Amula more yours during this time so that when we do settle in to our new lab-home we can jump right in to producing your Amula pendant story, please write to us. We would really love to hear from you during this time of transition, please stay in touch at 

To express how much we deeply value your support and understanding during these times, we have not only decided to extend the discount period to November 3rd, but the discount can be applied to the new collection, if you so choose.

Keep safe. Be kind.

Elaine + the Amula Team


FAQ sections

< 1 > Ordering Process   |  Amula in NYC: Covid-19 

1.1  New DNA Gift Kits for hair, fur, petal and leaf DNA Samples
1.2  What does it mean to have the choice to send hair, fur, petal and leaf samples to us directly?
1.3  Discount code = AMULA2020 to receive 40% off + Free Shipping
1.4  How long does it take to receive the finished Amula pendant?

< 2 > Customizing Amula.
< 3 > How do I take care of my Amula DNA Necklace? How long will it last?
< 4 > Privacy Policy
< 5 > Warranty
< 6 > What materials are Amula DNA Necklaces made of?
< 7 > Amula Online DNA Sample Guidelines

< 1 > Ordering Process

Last updated: September 10th 2020

Ordering Amula: Step-by-step

1. Select a style - there are 3 styles to choose from > AEON-O, AEON-SQ (Square) and OVAO

2. Checkout - select your method of payment and make sure to fill out the shipping details > * Enter code AMULA2020 to receive 40% off + Free Shipping (calculated at the end of the Checkout process) * Valid until November 3rd 2020

3. We'll be in touch with you to:

  • confirm your shipping info
  • confirm your order details - such as,
    • "Do you want a DNA Gift Kit?"
    • "Would you like a Customized Amula Gift Card?"
    • "How can we help you to customize Amula?"
  • walk you through the DNA sample collection process
  • assign you an order and sample number
  • share next steps

Amula: Covid-19

We value the trust and support you place with us to create Amula, as a personalized capsule of DNA in celebration of your life's memories and meanings during these uncertain times.

The following changes have been made to reduce non-essential outings to ensure the health and safety of you and everyone involved in making Amula possible:

  1. New DNA Gift Kits for hair, fur, petals and leaf samples.

    Amula's new DNA Gift Kits are for the collection of hair, fur, petals or leaf samples - and contain a barcoded resealable silver mylar envelope, information and images about Amula, plus instructions about sending samples, and a gift card for you to write a message.

    If you have our previous kit for the sampling of DNA from cheek cells, you have the option to receive a new DNA Gift Kit or to follow the Amula Online DNA Sample Guidelines (see last entry below) and send us samples directly.  

    The option to send us samples directly without the DNA Gift Kit was designed to:

    > eliminate non-essential trips to the post office, and
    > receiving the completed personalized Amula DNA necklace in the shortest time possible

    *** We are happy to guide you through this process. Email us with your questions
    *** We are also available to connect on a call or video chat

  2. What does it mean to have the choice to send hair, fur, petal and leaf samples to us directly?

    Ordering Amula without a DNA Gift Kit = sending samples to us directly = faster delivery time.

    For example, a scenario that you might select this option for, is that the necklace is for yourself, so you don't need a DNA Gift Kit.

     * All Amula styles are are the same price whether or not you would like to have the DNA Gift Kit.

    We confirm whether or not you would like to receive a DNA Gift Kit when we contact you to review your order details and assign you a sample and order number (* these numbers are different). This option does not appear in the Online Ordering and Checkout process.

    Sending us the DNA sample directly, shortens the processing time, by cutting out the shipping time that it would take for you to: receive the DNA Gift Kit from us, take the DNA sample using the kit, and then make the trip to the post office to send the sample back to us.

    However, even if this is a gift for someone, you might be interested to select this option of sending us the sample directly; because your priority may be to receive Amula as soon as possible.

    In this case, we can send you a Customized Amula Gift Card with their name, sharing what Amula is, details of the ordering process, with a space for you to hand write a message (or we can include a message from you), and leave you a space to sign or add a special note. Have an idea? We're here to work with you to make Amula a truly personalized experience. Say

  3. Discount code = AMULA2020 to receive 40% off + Free Shipping
    * Valid until November 3rd 2020

    We're deeply grateful during these uncertain times to be in a position where we can take this time to focus on adapting our operations so that we can re-emerge having rethought how we can make Amula better as a way to memorialize and celebrate your life's most memorable moments.

    As this time of great change has settled in, we've been working together with our vendors, partners and community to rethink our operations in the interest of safety and accessibility for you and everyone involved in making Amula possible.

    In the process, we've been able to make some lasting changes that not only further minimize our carbon footprint through changes and reductions in material and shipping costs, but choices that have streamlined operations that enable us to be more flexible beyond these uncertain times.

    We deeply value your support; and so, in gratitude, we're offering 40% off + Free Shipping on all orders. Please use the code AMULA2020 ~ Free Shipping will automatically be applied at Checkout. Thank-you.

  4. How long does it take to receive the finished Amula pendant?
    Processing times are dependent on: (1) when we receive your DNA sample(s), (2) if the DNA samples have been taken correctly, (3) if there are no complications with the quality of the DNA, (4) when you confirm your order, (5) the number of DNA samples you'd like to place in one necklace, (6) the volume of orders being processed during that time - for example Valentines is a busy time, and (7) where you would like us to send your DNA necklace.

  5. It's important to us to make Amula truly an expression of you, and we value the time spent understanding your requests and coming up with possible solutions. We value the trust you place in us to create a capsule that contains the tangible and intangible elements of your life's memories and meanings.

    During non-Covid times, 4-6 weeks is a good timeframe to keep in mind for this entire process. Please keep in mind that factors such as the postal service can affect this timeframe, and because we are located in New York City, there may be unforeseen complications due to Covid-19 and the upcoming election November 3rd. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding during this time. 



< 2 > Customizing Amula: FAQ

  • I want to order one Amula Necklace with more than two DNA samples in one capsule.
  • I want to order two or more Amula Necklaces with the same DNA sample(s).
  • I want to create a custom design.
  • I want to put ashes in the Amula capsule.

For these and other customization options, we ask that you please contact us at

It's important to us to make Amula truly an expression of you, and we value the time spent understanding your requests and coming up with possible solutions. We value the trust you place in us to create a personal time capsule that contains your life's memories and meanings.


< 3 > How do I take care of my Amula DNA Necklace? How long will the DNA last?

Enjoy your AMULA DNA Necklace forever, if you:

  • take it off when you play sports, shower, are in a jacuzzi or steam room, or swim in the ocean or pool 
  • keep it away from perfume or cologne 
  • take care to prevent the glass capsule from breaking (we use lab quality glass because of it's clarity and scratch resistance, but if the glass capsule breaks, don't worry, the liquid inside is ethanol, which is non-toxic)

< 4 > Privacy Policy 

DNA samples are processed for the purpose of being encapsulated into a solid to be placed in to glass capsules that are embedded in Amula pendants.

Every DNA Gift Kit and order is barcoded, that we then link to your contact information and order details (such as necklace style and number of DNA samples).

We keep this information for our internal records only and separate your personal information from the DNA sample(s) before being prepared for processing. We request that all DNA Gift Kits be returned to us with a shipment tracking number, as we cannot be responsible for their loss.

All order information and DNA samples collected will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties or reused, and used solely for the purpose of filling your order. We do not store DNA samples. Your privacy is our priority.

< 5 > Warranty

We want you to love your Amula DNA Necklace.

If you should discover that there is something wrong with your Amula DNA Necklace, please  send a few detailed photos to with a description of the issue. We will review the situation, reply with a Case Number and next steps.

The Warranty can only be honored by returning the necklace to us. We cannot honor the Warranty for lost or stolen necklaces, or necklaces that have been deliberately tampered with. All associated shipping costs with the returning the Amula pendant to us are the responsibility of the Customer, unless the situation is a direct result of our mishandling; in which case, the cost of producing and shipping the replacement Amula from us to you, will be covered by us.


< 6 > What materials are Amula DNA Necklaces made of?

Amula designs are made of: stainless steel for durability; glass for visibility and scratch resistance of the capsule that contains ethanol for the DNA samples; a silicone cap and epoxy to seal the capsule of DNA.

These materials are durable, sustainable, and enable us to offer you designs that will look loved with human touch as time passes; while maintaining its character from the day you received your Amula piece, for years to come. 

Materials such as stone and wood that evolve with touch are being experimented with for upcoming collections.

< 7 > Amula Online DNA Sample Guidelines

Amula extracts and processes DNA from samples of hair, fur, petals and leaves. Fewer non-essential trips right now, helps reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19, so we now have the option to send us samples directly.

For hair and fur samples, it's important that you send us strands that have the root (the follicle that is at the base of the hair when it is pulled out). There is a much higher concentration of DNA here. You can find these strands in a hair or fur brush. We ask that you send us a densely rolled up ball of hair or fur the size of a 25 cent American coin.

For petals and leaf samples, they can be fresh or dry. Young petals and leaves are best since it is easier to break the DNA down in these 'softer' fibers. 

Please send us samples via a secure method with a tracking number, folded flat in a tissue, with your name, address, mobile # and email address on a piece of paper in the envelope. Please send us an email with this information so that we can track your sample. Once received, we will assign you an order number and barcode for your sample(s).

We value your privacy, so the order number and barcode is our way of maintaining your privacy by making your samples anonymous throughout the processing procedure between our studio and the lab. 

* We're not able to process wood at this time.

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