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Aeon SQ
Aeon SQ

Aeon SQ

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AEON-SQ (ee-on-ess-kew)

There are two AEON styles: AEON-O and AEON-SQ.

This is AEON-SQ.

The ‘O’ is to differentiate the round circle shape from ‘SQ’, the square, angular shape of the pendant when you look at the pendant from either end. Seen from one perspective, they are continuums, many atoms or pixels strewn together in lines forming angles and arcs. From an other angle, they are basic geometrical components of forms and materials; dots, pixels, atoms.

An AEON is a unit of time equal to a billion years in astronomy and geology. It also means ‘life / vital force, or being / generation / period of time, or age / forever / timeless / eternity’. It’s common use is to mean a long or indefinite period of time, or a major division of geological time.